Internet solutions

working on your Internet presence

Today we have an endless number of services around the Internet. You can quickly lose control and select services that do not fit your needs or choose a provider that offers anonymous and insufficient services.

At this point itp Lanzarote offers you the apropiate solution for your online presence - competent and reliable. We offer you exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less! Together we will find the ideal solution for all your requirements.

Internet solutions for your private purposes 

There are endless possibilities for using the World Wide Web for every occasion. Communication via email, WhatsApp and Facebook almost have become daily habits. Even private websites are very common.

Most of the private E-Mail addresses have domains like or Wouldn´t it be nice to own your own domain and send personalized Emails, such as The same happens to private websites. Most of them are hosted on free platforms which are full of advertisements, not safe and don´t have their own domain.

Give your online presence a personal touch and create your digital presentation as unique as you are yourself:

w+w+w = itp
  • Your own domain for E-Mail
  • Websites without advertisements
  • Individual and secure websites

Internet solutions for your corporate identity

Even more important than the private purposes are the corporate presentations in the Internet. Almost every company needs a professionally planned website. It is not enough to create and publish a simple homepage. Your corporate identity in the World Wide Web is more than just an electronic business card. Through a clever use and combination, electronic possibilities you can create a valuable marketing tool that enables you to improve your brand recognition, to stay in contact with your clients and to increase your sales.

We advise and support you to develop an appropriate marketing mix for your business presence in the Internet. Here are some of the aspects, which could enter into your individual media strategy:

  • Register your domain
  • Development of your corporate website
  • Development of your online store
  • Development of your social media presence

We guarantee a professional service and absolute discretion. Please contact us for further information. We will be glad to help you with your projects!

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