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A good translation is more than the text transformation from one language to another, even if it is grammatically correct.

It must sound like an original text. The translation must keep the particular language style.

funny example for a bad translation

An official text, for example a contract, is using another language than an economic report, an advertising text, a manual or a colloquial text. The biggest challenges are the subtleties of the original text and the used phrases and expressions. They should not be reproduced literally, but in their sense.

Care is needed to make a correct translation. Although sometimes it´s very funny to read stylistic errors, the message of the original text is not a direct translation. On some signs it can be really funny, however in contracts, websites, or marketing material such mistakes can be very dangerous.

Our language combinations:

•  English - German
•  English - Spanish
 Spanish - German

Our commitment to quality:

In our translations we maintain the particular language and style of the original text. We ensure that the original text and the translation convey the same message. 

Your provided documents will be treated highly confidential. They will not be used for any other purpose, nor relieved to third parties.   

We translate:

Homepages and Web Sites, online stores,blogs, firmware, etc.

 Technical translations
User manuals, instruction manuals, training documents, etc.

    All kind of contracts, e.g. sales, rent, or leasing contracts.

 Economic translations
    Business reports, offers, minutes, presentations, surveys, etc.

 Marketing material
    Product descriptions, catalouges, brochures, advertising texts, etc.  

 Private documents
    CVs, applications documents, private correspondence, etc.


Offer / Conditions:

Our prices are as individual as your text. Therefore we do not publish our prices. They depend on the difficulty and the urgency of your translation. The basis of calculation in any case is the number of words to be translated.

Also in the bidding phase your texts are treated strictly confidential. Please request your personal offer.

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